Chanel #Chanel19 Flap Coin Purse With Chain


Chanel has a pretty unique way of labelling their SLGs, especially with this all-new charmer that’s simply known as the #Chanel19 Flap Coin Purse With Chain (SGD2460). No, it’s not a WOC nor a clutch with chain (though it does draw elements from the two), but rather an entirely new category reserved for a select few designs. To put it in simple terms, you can think of it as a flap wallet equipped with an elongated leather-interlaced chain, allowing you to sling this beauty casually over the shoulder, wear it across the body or hang it around the neck like a cool lanyard/necklace.

It’s not entirely small either but rather decently sized at 12 cm by 8.5 cm, which means that you can fit several cards and cash within, giving you a compact purse that’s great for the everyday. Of course, other bits and bobs include your condo access card and coins (as its name suggests), so you can take it out for a quick day out in town instead of your actual handbag.

You will be able to find both the black and cream versions at Chanel boutiques in Singapore, down to a couple of pieces remaining at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. As for the white in lambskin pictured above, that’s part of the upcoming #CHANELCruise collection, so stay tuned if you prefer something in pure white and hopefully it will arrive just in time for Christmas.

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