Chanel: 5 Things To Know About The New Boy·Friend Watch


It was only a matter of time till the Boy·Friend had a fresh new update in time for its fifth anniversary (the watch was created back in 2015). Still classy, still minimalistic, but with a twist, of course.


Consider this your quick refresher, along with some of the differences listed below, so do read on before you head over to Chanel’s Watches & Fine Jewellery boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre for the best selection of Boy·Friend(s).

01 – There are a total of 3 sizes, small (27.9 mm by 21.5 mm), medium (34.6 mm by 26.7 mm) and large (37 by 28.6 mm), with the Boy·Friend made available in either in steel, beige gold, white gold and/or set with diamonds.

02 – While all 3 sizes are powered by Chanel’s high precision movements, they all bear slight differences in terms of specifications. The small features a plain opaline guilloché dial, the medium has an added date indicator, while the large features a seconds indicator, little nuances so ‘minute’ you’ll miss them if you blink.

03 – The Boy·Friend is now customisable (which is something you still can’t do with your actual boyfriend), and there are a total of 19 interchangeable bracelets to change up the look of your timepiece, from quilted patterned calfskin to tweed metal, just to name a few.

04 – Something else you might not know? The small and medium timepieces are powered by Chanel’s high precision quartz movement, while the large ones are powered by manual winding mechanical movement.

05 – Prices? Well, the Boy·Friend starts at SGD6050 for the small size in steel, before it ends with the large in beige gold set with diamonds that is priced at SGD41,300.

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