#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 New & Neutral Designer Bag Straps


Designer bag straps have evolved over the years, starting as a humble accessory that mainly came in thinner-than-thin leather formats or slinky metallic chains that weren’t exactly the most comfortable when slung over the shoulder or across the body. Thankfully, they come in larger and thicker formats today, especially when you are dishing out a few grand for your beloved handbag and you don’t want to compromise on comfort as well.

The current trend seems to veer toward fabric straps, and it makes perfect sense when you realise that it’s comfortable, lightweight and adds a casual touch to full-leather handbags. These 5 straps also come in neutral colours like beige and grey, so they pretty much go well with most bags in your wardrobe.

01Celine’s Short Strap (SGD530) is an affordable option that was created to pair with the 16 Bag, though you can pair it with other designs like the Mini Vertical Tote, Pico Belt Bag or frankly any other handbag that comes with its own metallic loops.

02 – Dior’s shoulder straps have been gaining popularity in recent months, and it now come in an all-new Adjustable Strap (SGD1680) format for added versatility. You can slide the gold-tone buckle up and down to change up the look, giving you shorter or longer options that will aid your styling choices for the day.

03 – The Strap You (SGD1300) from Fendi returns in grey ribbon for the season, and it’s one of the thickest designs which measure approximately 6 cm wide. Finished with the light grey FF print all over, this is one strap that will make you stand out from the fashion pack for sure.

04Look out for Hermès’ Sangle Flipperball 25MM Bag Strap (POA) if you prefer something chic and bold-looking, especially with this tri-coloured combination of Noisette/Cuivre/Gold that forms a lovely pattern all around. This is one of the newer Sangle straps that joins the likes of the Sangle Cavale and Sangle Zigzag, so you might only be able to spot it in limited quantities islandwide.

05 – You don’t want to miss out on Louis Vuitton’s Sporty Strap (SGD795) because these jacquard straps are consistently sold out the moment they launch, but you can now find it online, as well as over at the boutique in Marina Bay Sands. This version is extra special because it features a mix of nylon/leather in khaki, paired with silver-tone snap hooks at the ends.

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