Louis Vuitton: 5 Quirky Gifts From The French Luxury House


Luxry bags and SLGs immediately come to mind when one thinks of Louis Vuitton, whether you’re getting something to reward yourself for being good all year round or giving a gift to your loved ones. But did you know that the French luxury brand has a curated selection of fun and quirky accessories that are totally unexpected?

These nifty little treats can all be found under Louis Vuitton’s Art Of Living section online, a broad category that includes diverse pieces such as games, collectibles and even decor items for the home. And these 5 are most definitely fun and way out of the ordinary, all chic additions for you or your loved ones.

01 – Move over, Vivienne, because Louis Vuitton’s got a brand new mascot known as Gaston, with the red bellboy proudly displayed within the Gaston Snow Globe (SGD1610) crafted from exquisite glass that’s finished with metallic hardware. Keep it on the desk as a precious display piece and flip it over whenever you’re bored, because this charming gift will always put a smile on your face.

02 – Then there’s the tri-fold Home Mirror Trunk (SGD3250) which measures 43 cm by 21 cm when fully opened. Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s vintage luggage, it comes adorned with reinforced corners, a gold chain (so that you can hang it up, of course) and the unmistakable clasp, so you can even take it around with you on the go if you choose to.

03 – Keep the guests entertained at home with LV’s solitaire game set (SGD2620), presented in a refined canvas and leather case housing the plexiglass board and Louis Vuitton-engraved marbles, no less. Once you’re done, simply zip the case up till the next time.

04 – You’re already familiar with the straw set (SGD1750), 6 luxurious monogram-engraved metallic straws (and a straw brush) and its accompanying pouch that’s as unexpected as it gets. And once one is done, perhaps it could take on new life as a pencil pouch?

05 – Lastly, the all-new thermos (SGD2840) that is sold together with an accompanying Monogram Canvas bottle holder complete with a leather sling, one that’s guaranteed to keep your liquids cold (or warm) whenever you’re out and about.

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