Cartier: Introducing Objects And Accessories For Your Home


Let’s face it, with all the time spent at home these days, it wouldn’t hurt to spruce the space up with some little luxuries. Case in point? Cartier’s upcoming objects and accessories for your home, with 4 different lines to choose from come 12 November 2020.

Does that sad corner on your shelf need an extra porcelain vase? Some trinket trays to keep your precious jewellery visibly in sight at all times? Or how about a set of notebooks and pen (or pens) to jot your thoughts down? Well, with this new home collection, now you can.

And this all-new selection encompasses so much more, from baby items and board games to decorative objects and even new writing instruments. These items can be found across four different lines like Cartier Baby, Diabolo de Cartier, Entrelacés de Cartier and Panthère de Cartier, with different elements that are unique to the distinct individual lines.

Under Cartier Baby, you can look forward to fun, lovable animals like butterflies and rabbits with stylised eyes featuring Cartier’s logo, appearing on keepsakes like a sterling silver tumbler (SGD840) and a pair of spoons (SGD600) that are most definitely kid-friendly. Diabolo de Cartier, on the other hand, is all about Cartier’s signature bellboy. You will spot him on numerous designs ranging from lacquered wood boxes (SGD1130) to porcelain trinket trays (SGD690) and key rings (SGD720), a truly charming design that’s also as iconic as it gets.

As the name suggests, Entrelacés de Cartier is all about the reinterpreted C motif, coming in a woven ribbon design that decorates cards and envelopes (SGD290) that are perfect for birthdays and holidays, jewellery boxes in lacquered wood (SGD2720) and even a set of 2 notebooks (SGD260) that make for great gifts and won’t break the bank.

Lastly, the emblematic panther returns on a new range of Panthère de Cartier objects, and some of the must-have pieces include the tea box (SGD980), trinket trays (SGD690 to SGD850) and vase (SGD1660) which come in full porcelain. Don’t miss out on the solitaire game set (SGD3800) as well, especially if you want to turn it up a notch during your Christmas game sessions with friends and loved ones.

The entire collection will arrive in boutiques from the second week of November 2020, and you might even spot several pieces online via, so stay tuned for more updates.

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