#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 5 Bifold Wallets For Men


It isn’t easy finding that perfect luxury gift for your man, and with Christmas just around the corner, it is time to get that playbook right. The answer? The essential bifold wallet, a perennial favourite that no man can do without. There’s something about the ‘flipping it open and seeing everything at one go’ that seems to be the winning factor and it shouldn’t be too flamboyant-looking either. The monogram pattern (if any) has to come in a neutral colour, logos can’t be too shiny and all the better if it comes in a matte finish.

Thankfully, these 5 bifold wallets fit the above criteria with a breeze, and the good news is that they are readily available across all 5 luxury boutiques in Singapore, starting with the trio of canvas versions featured in this post.

For starters, Burberry’s Vintage Check International Bifold Wallet (SGD530) features the Archive Beige vintage check exterior with a full leather interior, making it a winning combination that’s also the priced the lowest amongst the trio. Then, there’s the Compact Wallet (SGD730) from Dior, a standard 11.5 cm by 9.5 cm that comes with the manlier beige/black #DiorOblique jacquard canvas. The ruthenium-finish brass gives it an added touch at the base, and you will find this handsome design over at #DiorMen boutiques only.

The third design is none other than the Victoire Bifold from Goyard, with prices starting at SGD1080 for Tan and Black/Tan, going up to SGD1400 for special colours like Blue and Green, for example. There’s something about the unique chevron design that makes it more of a print than a monogram per se, which is why it remains a popular favourite till today.

The last two would be the GG Marmont Bi-Fold Wallet (SGD570) and Monogram East/West Wallet (SGD650) from Gucci and Saint Laurent respectively. You cannot go wrong with black leather wallets, and these 2 designs are further amped up with a simple and stylish logo hardware in front, making it a wise choice for the logo lovers. All 5 designs come with the standard 8 card slots and bill compartments, so all that’s left is picking the ‘exterior’ of your choice. And hope that come Christmas Day, he will love it.


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