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Move over Soft Trunk, because Louis Vuitton has recently introduced an all-new silhouette known as the Supple Trunk Messenger, one that frankly gives its predecessor a good run for its money when you compare factors such as the function, material and price between the two. The bag can be found under the men’s range, which is pretty unique considering it comes in full Epi leather, a material that’s commonly seen on the women’s bags and accessories instead. That said, the jet-black bag carries an air of masculinity, coming in a beautiful box-like shape (with reinforced leather corners) that’s very much inspired by Louis Vuitton’s heritage trunks.

Measuring 24.5 cm wide and 18 cm high, the Supple Trunk Messenger is big enough to hold an iPad Mini, with ample room for a cardholder, wallet, and even a portable charger that’s good enough for the everyday. There’s even a zipped pocket on the exterior which is perfect for storing quick-access cards, along with a second flat pocket located within the inner compartment.

The best part? This one comes with an extra-wide jacquard fabric strap (yes, even bigger than the current Bandoulière), giving it a sporty twist that works well against the full leather bag. This strap is also removable, so yes, you can use it together with your other bags like the Monogram Eclipse Trio Pochette, or pass it to your girlfriend/partner/spouse to let her dress up her MPA even further.

Interestingly, the Supple Trunk Messenger is priced at just SGD3850 each (making it slightly lower than the Soft Trunk family bags), which is also a fair price for a bag that comes in full leather. For now, you can find it on the online store, as well as LV Takashimaya Shopping Centre, so you know what to do (or where to go) to get your hands on one.

For more information, do visit LOUISVUITTON.com


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  • Koy says:

    This bag looks sooo good compared to the soft trunks while still retaining some heritage elements. Can’t wait to see more photos of it! I’m excited for this bag!

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