Louis Vuitton: 5 Icons And How Much They Cost Now


Think of Louis Vuitton and the brand’s iconic Monogram Canvas bags immediately come to mind. As the name suggests, the material is made entirely out of canvas (no, not leather) that’s given an extra waterproof coating that allows it to withstand the test of time. Caught under the rain? No problem. Worried about the colour fading? Very unlikely, unless you subject it to prolonged exposure under the sun. Not one to pamper your bags with tender loving care? No issues as well, as Monogram Canvas is known for its strength and resilience to wear and tear, making it one of the go-to favourites of the house in recent years.

Now, all 5 of these bags have a deep history rooted within the brand, so it comes without a surprise that they are commonly referred to as icons of the house. And because it isn’t possible for handbags to be priced the same as they were some 3 or 4 years ago, you can take this as your latest refresher and guide on the current prices, accurate as of October 2020.

The Alma was one of the first designs at Louis Vuitton, dating all the way back to 1934, with a unique shape inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1930s. Over time, the brand introduced the cute but practical Alma BB (SGD1950) size, fitted with its own detachable strap so that it can be worn in numerous ways. Launched around the same time would be the Noé bucket bag, created by Monsieur Gaston-Louis Vuitton to hold five bottles of bubbly champagne bottles back in the day. The in-demand variation today comes in a significantly smaller silhouette, such as the Noé BB (SGD1820) which remains as a classic favourite to date.

Next up would be the Speedy, also known as the ‘spin-off’ of the popular Keepall, both highly regarded as the perfect his-and-her Louis Vuitton duo. Both bags come with the Banoulière option (sold together with a removable strap), and you can also get your own modern-day jacquard version (like the ones on the MPA) and strap it on for a unique and contemporary twist. The Speedy Bandoulière 25 (SGD2210) and Keepall Bandoulière 45 are two of the most popular sizes, though you can find larger sizes going up to the 30, 35 and 40 for the Speedy Bandoulière (SGD2250, SGD2290 and SGD2340 respectively), and sizes 50, 55 and 60 for the Keepall Bandoulière (SGD2810, SGD2840 and SGD2870 respectively).

The fifth and final design would be the Neverfull, one of the more ‘recent’ creations launched under the tenure of Marc Jacobs back in 2007. It’s big and roomy for all your daily bits and bobs, and the Neverfull MM (SGD1990) size can even hold your laptop, making it a great work bag as well. For an extra customisation choice, you can opt for Beige, Cherry or Pivoine (pink) for the inner lining, giving you an added pop of colour for the everyday.

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