Longchamp Spring-Summer 2021 Filet Le Pliage


It was certainly fresh when it came to Longchamp’s Spring-Summer 2021 presentation at Paris Fashion Week, which was held in a supermarket complete with, you guessed it, fresh produce. And besides bags that saw the use of bright and bold colours inspired by the works of artists like Carol Rama, James Turrel and Louise Bourgeois, they also expanded their signature Le Pliage collection, making it available in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, as well as seasonal variations that will come in metallic canvas.

Most importantly, Longchamp unveiled one of its coolest bags ever to date, the all-new Filet Le Pliage that was done in collaboration with FILT. The French manufacturer is widely known for its cotton mesh shopping bag (kind of like fish nets), often used by European ladies to hold groceries and the like. So much genius went into this, especially when you realise that this is their way of taking something iconic and reinventing it for the everyday, which besides becoming your fave grocery bag, also helps in reducing the use of plastic bags, which can only be a good thing.

Longchamp has officially announced on Instagram that the Filet Le Pliage (in at least 4 colours and 2 sizes?) will only be launching from 12 April 2021, but you never know if there is an earlier drop, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come.

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