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There’s almost no certainty when Hermès decides to release a particular piece (unless you’re a VVIP, of course), so what you might come across online may only be available in European markets and not in Singapore yet. Case in point? The all-new Kelly Pocket Bag Strap, which is honestly one of the coolest accessories for the season, featuring a chic little Kelly Pocket attached to Hermès’ extra-wide leather strap. Based on the pictures, the pouch seems to be fixed onto the strap, but that would need to be investigated further. Regardless, it is still a great two-in-one, a fully functional shoulder strap meant to be used with your favourite handbags such as the Bolide, Kelly, and 24/24, giving it an elevated twist.

Not only is the strap thicker than average, but you’re also getting an accessible pouch that’s perfect for keeping a couple of cards, so you don’t have to reach within your handbag just to take out your wallet. It also helps that you’re getting a Kelly Pocket, one that is as iconic as it gets, and something most everyone would definitely want.

The Kelly Pocket Bag Strap (also known as Bandoulière Kelly Pocket) will come in a variety of colours, and you can choose between 3 different lengths in 70 cm, 85 cm and 105 cm. A quick search online has thrown up colours like Black, Gold and Pink, and they will come in hardware options like GHW or PHW.

The strap itself is in Swift leather, while the cardholder is made from the sturdier Epsom leather, so do note that you’re getting two different leather materials in one strap. In Singapore, you can expect it to be priced around SGD3400, and it might vary according to the strap’s length. Not a need, never a need, but a definite want, don’t you think?

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