Hermès: 5 Things To Know About The Rodeo Charm


Before that orange shopping bag charm gained immense popularity in recent months, there was the one-and-only Rodeo Charm that won fans with its fun puffy nature. Shaped after a little toy horse, the Rodeo Charm earned its status as one of Hermès must-have accessories, with ladies swearing to collect one in every single colour combination possible. Some have likened it to being one of Hermès’ elusive unicorns, and word has it that the So Black version is even harder to get than the Birkin. Here are 5 quick facts you have to know.


01 – Each charm is constructed from Milo lambskin, a soft and supple leather that’s commonly used for gloves. The leather was chosen for its ability to remain smooth and soft after time, making it the perfect choice for the charm.

02 – Hermès has decorated the Rodeo Charm with a long leather strap on the saddle, allowing you to hang it over the handles of your favourite handbag by looping it once (or twice for extra security) all the way around.

03 – You will find that it comes in numerous tri-colour combinations season after season, often featuring contrasting hues between the body, mane (including the tail) and saddle. The rarer designs include the single-coloured options like Bleu Zanzibar and Rubis, with the most special of them all being the So Black version that’s literally black on black on black.

04 – There are a total of 3 different sizes for the Rodeo Charm, starting with the PM that measures 9.7 cm by 7.8 cm. The sizes get significantly larger as you progress along with the MM (12.7 cm by 10.5 cm) and GM (13.3 cm by 11.1 cm), so keep that in mind and pair them up proportionately with your size 25/30/35 bags.

05 – In Singapore, prices start from SGD720 for the PM size, and if you check the online store from time to time, you might come across one (or two). Yes, it does happen. Really.

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