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You were definitely not alone if your eyes zoomed into Gucci’s ‘Mad Cookies’ Top Handle during their Fall-Winter 2020 show. Not because there weren’t a ton of other eye candies like the #GucciJackie1961 (which has made a huge comeback at the brand), but because this eclectic piece is truly a standout that befits its name.

What is it exactly? Well, think of it as Alessandro Michele’s modern-day interpretation of a vintage lunch box, coming in a 15 cm by 15 cm cuboid shape that can be carried for the everyday. Each box comes with a printed gingham motif decorated with a child and cat, along with the catchphrase ‘Gucci Mad Cookies’ placed right in the middle.

How do you use it? Each box opens via the magnetic snap cleverly hidden on the underside of the top flap, revealing a spacious interior that can fit your cardholder, mini wallet, and several other bits and bobs. The hinged closure will allow you to lift the flap completely open, and when you’re done loading your items for the day, just close the flap down and the bag will be sealed shut.

Carrying it is easy; just lift the top handle up and you’ve got a lovely lunch box (no wait, bag), or slide it through your arm to channel your inner Mary Poppins. Tie a scarf around the handle if you want it even more retro-looking (something from the Gucci Liberty collection, perhaps?), or keep it as-is like a fancy bag that’s bound to gain attention from curious onlookers. Aside from Green/Blue, this bag (SGD4280) will also come in a second combination of Red/Black, both available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore.

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