Goyard: 5 More Goyardine Icons And How Much They Cost Now


You ladies (and men) clearly love your Goyard leather goods, which is why a second post with more icons in Goyardine has been added. Another 5 icons of the house have been covered, all coming in the French luxury house’s signature canvas. Prices are also included in the post below, and you will be pleased to know that Goyard has adjusted the prices of some of the designs and made them a bit more accessible (like the Anjou), while others have increased slightly.

Before diving into some of the true blue classics, here’s a quick refresher of two new miniature icons that have recently arrived at Goyard. The Alpin Mini is essentially a downsized version of the brand’s signature backpack, coming in an ultra-chic size that can be worn in three ways. As for the Petit Flot, you can call it a contemporary interpretation of the Goyard bucket bag from the ‘60s, crafted from the very same canvas and secured with a leather pull-string cord to keep your goodies safely in place.

Then there’s the Anjou, one that is fully lined in buttery-soft leather, and the beauty of this style lies in its reversible nature. Yes, you can opt to show the leather on the exterior and keep the Goyardine canvas on the interior (or vice versa), so that’s extra points for versatility.

There is also the Artois, also known as the ‘zippered’ version of the Saint Louis, but is in fact so much more. The Artois comes in reinforced Goyardine canvas, giving it extra support and structure while remaining lightweight in nature. It also comes with leather corners to keep it resistant to scratches, so you can be sure that Goyard has steps in place to prolong the longevity of bags like the Artois. And just for the boys, there is the 8CC Victoire Bifold Wallet that’s a classic design through and through, and prices have remained the same since it was last updated back in February 2019.

Alpin Mini
SGD4360 | SGD5670

Anjou Mini
SGD2660 | SGD3540

Anjou PM
SGD3110 | SGD4040

Anjou GM
SGD3700 | SGD4810

Artois PM
SGD2210 | SGD2870

Artois MM
SGD2610 | SGD3390

Petit Flot
SGD2470 | SGD3210

Victoire Bifold 
SGD1080 | SGD1400

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