Fauré Le Page: 5 Things To Know About The Secret Case


Fauré Le Page might be known for many lightweight and hard-wearing bags, but it is this little tiny case which has officially charmed the hearts of many, coming in an 8.5 cm by 7 cm size that makes it one of the cutest SLGs available today. Some of you own multiple pieces in different colours, while others have tried their very best to get one but have always left empty-handed because they’re snapped up as soon as they are available.

Well, the good news is that the case is now replenished in Singapore, so if you need a quick recap to give you that extra push, here are 5 fun facts you have to know.

01 – Officially, the brand has now called it the Secret Case (not card, coin nor *ahem* condom case), though you can easily fit a range of items due to its versatile nature.

02 – That includes earphones (the old-school versions with wires), cards (by lengthening the case), folded notes and yes, even 2 or 3 condoms if the need really arises.

03 – Each Secret Case comprises two parts. The top half is made of the brand’s signature Ecailles Canvas, while the bottom half comes in a beautiful grained leather that’s resilient to daily wear and tear.

04 – There are a total of 5 different colours shown online, Empire Green, Paris Blue, Red Ivress, Steel Grey and Walnut Brown, with the sixth being as classic black as it gets.

05 – In Singapore, you can find the Secret Case at Fauré Le Page’s standalone boutique in Takashimaya Shopping Centre, down to Black, Empire Green and Paris Blue which have freshly arrived on our shores. The other good news? No change in price, remaining the same as it was in 2019 at SGD290 each.

For more info, do check out FAURELEPAGE.com


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