Dior Winter 2020 Saddle Nano Pouch


Dior has been dishing out all-new nano pouches styled after the 30 Montaigne and the Lady Dior, but nothing comes quite as close as the Saddle Nano Pouch, available in delectable new colours such as Dark Denim Blue and Mallow Rose just for the season.

And while the Saddle Nano Pouch might be small, it is built to hold several cards and cash, which is frankly all you need for a quick trip around town these days. Measuring 12.5 cm by 8 cm, this handy purse comes with an asymmetric flap and magnetic D stirrup clasp, taking visual cues from its bigger sibling, the #DiorSaddle bag. Good looks aside, it scores high points in terms of function, and you can use it in one of three ways.

Here’s how.

First, keep the chain on and you’ve got yourself a fun WOC that can be slung over the shoulder or across the body. Two, remove the chain and carry it by hand, holding it like a mini clutch or using it as an everyday SLG.

Three, the back of the pouch is where you will find two leather loops, allowing you to strap it onto your favourite belt (or long silk twill, for example) and wear it like a chic belt bag. Yes, it’s that versatile, which makes it even more surprising that prices start from just SGD1100 for the #DiorOblique and goatskin leather versions. In other words, definitely do it.

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