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Who would have thought that Delvaux’s Les Miniatures collection would become a classic favourite of the house, returning season after season in various interpretations inspired by cultures/landmarks all around the world? From the very first Belgitude collection in 2017 that came with designs modelled after a classic Belgian waffle and potato fries, these decorative charms have since travelled around the world, paying homage to New York, Italy and Paris with the Big Apple, Dolce Vita and Cocorico collections respectively.

This year’s exclusive line-up is titled China Dream, and you will find three miniature Brilliant bags styled after traditional icons like a Chinese lantern, mahjong, as well as the qipao. Don’t be fooled by the size, because these miniature bags are all fully functional, and you can lift the horseshoe-shaped buckle to reveal a small interior that’s great for your AirPods (or TraceTogether token, if you would), coins, and even folded notes in case of emergency. Delvaux has also equipped each Les Miniatures with its own chain, so you can hang it onto your other handbags and use it as a playful charm if you wish to.

Prices typically start from SGD1600, and each piece is crafted from premium leather using specialised techniques like embossing, screen printing and UV silk screening. Go for the Chinese lantern if you’re a firm believer of good fortune and prosperity, all thanks to the combination of red and gold plus the enlarged ‘福’ which makes it unmistakable from afar. The mahjong is all in good fun, especially if you need extra luck at the table. The qipao, on the other hand, is the most elaborate of the three, beautified with an oriental fan and a gold knotted button on the front, before it’s finished with a pearl strap in place of the standard metallic chain.

No, no word on anything dedicated to Singapore just yet (can you imagine a Merlion or otter charm?), but the Les Miniatures China Dream collection is now available at both boutiques located at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Department Store.

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