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Ever thought of creating your own distinct scent but wasn’t sure how? Chloé’s latest Atelier des Fleurs collection takes the guess work out of the process with its range of 9 floral EDPs that live in harmony. Designed to be layered in combinations of two or three as a personal signature, you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s content for a unique outcome.

The fragrances are brought to life by different perfumers, each choosing their favourite bloom as the heart that draws from olfactory memories of their childhood, travels or unforgettable moments, for an intimate creation. Even the pleated glass bottles topped with ivory stoppers are on point, reflecting the timeless elegance and simplicity of the fragrance line.


Just as you would put together a look by mixing different pieces of clothing or by choosing your favourite flowers to build a bouquet, you can do the same to compose your own customised scent. There’s Rosa Damascena with its crisp rose concoction that’s lightly spiced, Lavanda with the aromatic freshness that will transport you to the cool shade of a sun-drenched garden, and creamy Magnolia Alba with lemony notes conveying magnolia blossoms in spring. Verbena too has a delicate lemony freshness and a natural radiance that’s truly aromatic.


Then there’s Neroli that steers you towards a trip to Seville and Jasminum Sambac which was inspired by the most beautiful jasmine the perfumer encountered during Mother’s Day in Bangkok. Other delights include the woody and musky Cedrus, a fresh-spicy floral Hibiscus Abelmoschus and a sweet powdery Herba Mimosa. Whatever fragrances you choose to mix and match together, your bouquet will be your very own.

Priced at SGD175 for 50 ml and SGD330 for 150 ml, the Chloé Atelier des Fleurs collection is now available at Sephora stores at ION Orchard and Takashimaya Shopping Centre.

For more information, please visit CHLOÉ.com


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