Au Départ Hexagon Mini Trunk


It’s a little known fact but Au Départ has dedicated an entire section to Music & Games, and you can find beautiful hard-sided trunks made to fit everything from PlayStation gaming consoles to DJ mixing tables. You can say that the French luxury house sure has a keen eye for detail and isn’t afraid to create unique pieces that veer away from the traditional norm. Its expertise in creating one-of-a-kind designs even extends to bags and leather goods, which is why this Hexagon Mini Trunk takes the hot seat in today’s post.

Rectangular trunks are a dime a dozen these days, so having a hexagonal-shaped version is certainly worth commending. Au Départ’s beautiful creation is constructed from the brand’s signature rubberised cotton canvas and calf leather, before it’s further embellished with metallic studs and finished with an easy-to-use snap closure. The lining comes in full suede for an added touch of luxe and you can safely store several essentials within the 24 cm by 15.5 cm body.

There’s something about the unique shape which reminds you of a music box, except this one’s fashioned into a bag that you can hold like a clutch or wear comfortably over the shoulder. You will find it in Black and Orange, both of which can be ordered online at EUR2600 each (or around SGD4200 after conversion), inclusive of 22% VAT. That’s pretty amazing considering you’re getting a hard-sided case made with Au Départ’s tear-resistant canvas (thanks to the twisted yarns), along with just enough visual interest that makes it a head-turner whenever you’re out and about.

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