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If there’s just one line that perfectly describes Rolex’s mantra for creating new watches in 2020, it would be ‘go big or go home’. Just like how the new Submariner for 2020 welcomed a slightly bigger size, so did the Oyster Perpetual this year, coming in the larger 41 mm size which has officially replaced the previous 39 mm version.

In fact, Rolex has revised the entire Oyster Perpetual range, giving the new generation of watches a Chromalight display, thanks to the hands and hour markers which are equipped with a luminescent finish that emits a blue glow in low-light conditions. Both the new 41 mm size and 36 mm (the next size down) come in the newly-launched calibre 3230 movement, with a power reserve of 70 hours that’s pretty impressive for an ‘entry-level’ Rolex watch. The new line-up also welcomes fresh new configurations like a silver sun-ray finished dial with markers in yellow gold, as well as five exciting colours like Candy Pink, Coral Red, Green, Turquoise Blue and Yellow, which can all be found on the Oyster Perpetual 36, while the rest of the sizes will get an assortment of the new hues.

These 5 vivid-coloured dials bring to mind the Rolex Stella enamel dials that were found in the Day-Date models back in the 1970s. At a time when the Day-Date was revered as a status symbol due to its premium price and the use of only precious metals, these bright-coloured enamel dials gave a fun pop of colour that provided a whimsical twist to the serious-looking timepiece.


In total, there will be 5 different sizes available, starting with the Oyster Perpetual 28 (SGD6780) and Oyster Perpetual 31 (SGD6920), before crossing the 7k mark on the Oyster Perpetual 34 (SGD7060). Both the Oyster Perpetual 36 (SGD7490) and Oyster Perpetual 41 (SGD7910) are priced slightly higher because they come in the new movement, but still recognised as one of the more affordable pieces you can get at Rolex today. Affordability, however, does not translate into availability, so if you keen on getting yourself a new timepiece or two, your best best is to still head down and enquire directly with authorised Rolex dealers in Singapore.

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