Hermès: 5 Things To Know About the Rivale Double Tour Bracelet


Think of Hermès’ iconic bracelets and several pieces will immediately come to mind. There’s the Collier de Chien, and the Kelly Double Tour, with the third most iconic design being the Rivale Double Tour bracelet. It’s got all the right elements from the other two, plus it comes in a wide variety of sizes that makes it a lovely design that works for either gender. And if that’s not enough, Hermès has introduced the bracelet in numerous colours in Box and Swift calfskin, along with several interpretations that come in exotic leather. Here are five quick facts/points you need to know.

01 – The Medor studs and ring found on the Rivale were elements that were inspired by the legendary Collier de Chien created by Emile Hermès (grandson of founder Thierry Hermès).

02 – While the Rivale comes in single tour options as well, the double tour version has won over the fans for its versatility, especially with the looped leather strap that can be worn on its own without looking too bare on your wrist.

03 – Today, it’s made available in 3 different hardware options, from the classic versions in GHW (gold hardware) and PHW (palladium hardware) to the beautiful RGHW (rose gold hardware) for those who prefer that delicate pink-gold hue.

04 – As for the leather colours, the H SG online store currently has them stocked in Deep Blue, Étoupe, Noir, Orange and Rose Sakura, paired with either GHW, PHW or RGHW. Or you can keep an eye out for the cool colour block versions that feature contrasting leather stitching, available in Bleu Du Nord/Rouge H and Rouge De Coeur/Bleu Indigo.

05 – Priced at SGD830 each, you can find them available at the boutiques in Singapore, or head online where there are at least 10 colour combos readily available for you to purchase right now.

For more information, do visit HERMÈS.com


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