Valentino VLogo Walk Bucket Bag


Valentino’s latest rendition of the ubiquitous bucket bag takes the spotlight in today’s episode of ‘better late than never’, with the all-new silhouette sporting the oversized VLogo signature embossed on the calfskin leather body. Bucket bags have taken the fashion world by storm, for the simple fact that they come in a relaxed silhouette that’s perfect for casual Fridays or the weekends. You can pair it with your favourite tee and denim jeans combo, or go for a simple black dress that will work equally well for sure.

Each bag opens easily via a sleek drawstring closure, so you don’t have to worry about zippers getting jammed or the hardware scratching the surface, all of which are factors that contribute to the success of the beloved bucket bag. Valentino’s version, on the other hand, comes with extra elements that make it a sure-win design for the season. The first would be the addition of a top handle (which is also removable, by the way), so you can choose to carry the bucket bag like a handbag or slide it over your arm for a chic and stylish look. Other plus points include the adjustable shoulder strap, as well as the contrasting suede interior that comes with extra slots for cards and such.

The 20 cm by 15 cm VLogo Walk Bucket Bag is currently available in a single colour (Rubin) for now, a deep dark shade of burgundy that’s perfect for Fall-Winter 2020. There are no prizes for guessing where you can find the bag in Singapore, but if you prefer to stay home and have it delivered to your doorstep (although you will find more colours at the boutiques like Nero, Poudre and Rosso), you will find the one in Rubin on Valentino’s online store, priced at USD1735 each. Bucket bags are definitely here to stay, and will remain a popular option amongst the ladies who prefer a less structured silhouette that’s easy to use, especially with Valentino’s version being the luxurious alternative coming in full leather in and out.


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