Saint Laurent: Blanc Vintage, Natural Ivory & Sea Salt Bags & SLGs To Love


Out of every 10 girls who love their bags and accessories in classic black, there will always be a handful out there who are all about the lighter shades like beige and cream, which aren’t exactly the easiest of colours to maintain. They are generally prone to stains (even more so after prolonged usage if they aren’t taken care of), with wear and tear being more prominent. However, there’s much to be said about having a light-coloured accessory in your daily (or weekly) bag rotation. Having a sublime mix of cream and light grey can be particularly refreshing, a great alternative to the predominantly safe-looking black bag that can be a tad boring at times.

Which brings us to this colour palette by Saint Laurent that is as calming and as zen as it gets, this trio of Blanc Vintage, Natural Ivory and Sea Salt. Of the three, Blanc Vintage is the ‘oldest’ of the lot, coming in a lovely neutral tone that saddles grey and white perfectly. You will find a total of 92 different accessories (like belts, for example), bags and SLGs over at Saint Laurent’s online store, as well as the boutiques in Singapore, leaving you truly spoilt for choice.

Then there’s Sea Salt, a colour which reminds you of the sands on the beach rather than the actual box of salt sitting on your kitchen counter. This cream-like shade can be spotted on popular designs like the Envelope Chain Wallet, Monogram Bill Pouch and Monogram Fragments Zippered Card Case, all of which come in Saint Laurent’s signature quilted overstitching and finished with the gold-tone YSL initials right in front.

Natural Ivory is the baby of the family, introduced recently on all-new bags like the Solferino Satchel in luscious box leather, and the New Medium Sunset Satchel which comes with a lovely top handle and reworked shoulder strap. In the SLGs department, there are beautiful additions such as the Sade Envelope Pouch and Sade Zip Pouch in carré-quilted (diamond, as opposed to the conventional ‘chevron’) overstitching, along with several other pieces that come in a matte leather finishing. Because there’s really no harm stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new, especially when you’re presented with uplifting shades like these from Saint Laurent.


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