Nike ISPA Flow 2020


Nike has a pretty smart way of releasing its ISPA range of sneakers, doing it in batches so everyone can get equal chances of purchasing the design they genuinely love. That beats having to choose from 5 designs at a go and risk seeing the one you love get sold out on launch day. Which is a good thing for both Nike (lesser pairs hitting the secondary market) and you (happy customer = good news for the brand). Now that the Zoom Road Warrior and Overreact FK have come and gone, all eyes are on the Flow 2020, which will be released globally on 13 August 2020.


The sneaker comes in a pared-down silhouette that’s lightweight and breathable, thanks to a perforated outsole that allows for the easier intake of airflow. Nike has also analysed the standard heat maps around the human foot, with the design team working hand-in-hand with the engineers to create an open weave mesh upper that’s perfect for Singapore’s perpetual-summer weather. Nike Singapore should be carrying these sneakers come launch day, but if you want to secure your pair through a raffle system, you can head over to END Launches right now.

There are two colour combos to look out for, Medium Olive and Spruce Aura, so you can choose between the lighter and darker shades, with sizes ranging from UK6 to UK12 for the men. Save the date, or enter the raffle right now for a pair so you don’t miss out.


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