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In case you haven’t realised by now, Louis Vuitton has an interesting selection of games, home decor and stationery under their Art of Living universe. You’ve seen items like the Dice Case and Monogram Tower (when LV does Jenga) previously, and today the French luxury house has unveiled its latest Straws And Case set, which is now available for sale via Louis Vuitton’s online store in Singapore.


What exactly can you expect in each set? Well, there are 6 Monogram-engraved metallic straws, along with a Monogram Flower cleaning brush to keep them all in pristine condition. Not only are reusable straws great for the environment, these fun straws also make for a great conversation starter, and the fact that there are only 6 pieces makes it perfect for Phase 2 where you can only receive up to 5 visitors at any one time.

The entire set is sold together with the Monogram Canvas microfibre case, one that doubles up as the fanciest pencil case you can think of, considering the slots are thick enough to slide your wooden pencils through. While you’re picking up the Straws And Case (SGD1750) online, you can also take a look at the metallic Shaker (SGD1300) to prepare your fanciest cocktails at home, as well as the Monogram Fluo Coasters (SGD1340) which are sold in a set of six, perfect for holding a cup and a metallic straw each. Skip the trip out and host your guests at home, with the Straw And Case set to be centrepiece of your home party.


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