Louis Vuitton: Meet The Monogram Minis


Louis Vuitton has been at the forefront of the ‘mini bags’ trend for several years now, introducing the Nano capsule collection in 2015 which includes bags like Nano Noé and Nano Speedy, which are officially part of the classic line-up of Louis Vuitton bags till this very day. Part of the quintet that will be covered in today’s post, these are some of Louis Vuitton’s most coveted designs that are always snapped up the moment they are made available online or in the boutiques, commanding long (like, really long…) waitlists amongst collectors and fans alike.

For starters, they are so freaking cute. You can’t deny that miniature handbags make for the perfect accessory on casual Fridays and weekends, all the better if it comes with an extra sling so it can be worn playfully across the body. The second factor would be their rarity. You don’t see much of them around on the streets because they’re only produced in limited quantities, making them ‘unicorn’ pieces everyone wants. Lastly, despite having names like Nano and Petit affixed to the front of the icon’s name, Louis Vuitton’s ‘mini bags’ will be able to fit your absolute essentials.

Now, if this is your first time taking a look at these bags, here’s a brief run-through of the 5 designs, starting with the mini bucket bag that is the Nano Noé (SGD1630). A shrunken-down version of the original NéoNoé from 1932, this one measures just 16 cm by 13 cm, opening easily via the drawstring closure for you to reach your bits and bobs. Next up, the Nice Nano (SGD980) which is the tiniest vanity case available at Louis Vuitton today. Creative ladies use it as an everyday bag by tying a scarf around the top handle to give it a whole new look.

Moving over to the Pochette Accessoires (SGD865) which was the original design before the MPA, coming in the perfect proportions (23.5 cm by 13.5 cm) that look best when carried under the arm. The fourth design would be the Nano Speedy (SGD1630), a lightweight (and mini) alternative to the bigger sizes like Speedy BB and Speedy 25, while retaining all the classic elements such as the double top handles and accompanying shoulder strap. Lastly, the Petit Sac Plat (SGD1850) takes the cake as the newest design of the lot, measuring just 17 cm by 14 cm and covered in depth right here recently. The best part? This one comes with a removable sling, scoring extra points for versatility and function.

And no matter which of the 5 you pick, because of their relative affordability and availability (and the fact that they are pretty much as timeless as it gets), yes, they are definitely worth it.


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  • Cyn says:

    They are all so cute! Totally in love with mini bags. I’m eyeing the Pochette Accessoires, hoping they re-stock soon! BB, any idea if the Pochette Accessoires will be discontinued? Saw on some online reviews…

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