Dior Small Book Tote (With Updated Prices In SGD)


‘A chic carryall.’ ‘Versatile and timeless.’ ‘Carries everything you need for the day (and more).’ These are quotes which you often hear from the fans of Dior’s beloved Book Tote, all of which are testaments to the bag’s continuing success and reasons that explain why the French luxury brand continues to include it in its seasonal line-up till today. From the velvet series in the upcoming Fall-Winter 2020 collection to the leather cut-out ones in the recent Cruise 2021 presentation held in Puglia, Dior has decided that the Book Tote is here to stay.

You will be pleased to know that Dior Singapore carries a myriad of options in the boutiques, with the most popular size being the Small Book Tote that makes for the perfect in-between. The Small Book Tote is large enough to hold a 13-inch MacBook, giving you a good indication that it’s comfortably sized for any day out. Yet, it isn’t overly bulky-looking, measuring 36.5 cm wide and 28 cm high, working equally well for ladies and men.

And if you’re keen to know about the prices (accurate at the time of writing), the Small Book Tote starts from SGD3900 for the ones in Cannage, #DiorOblique and smooth calfskin leather, before going up to SGD4300 for seasonal offerings for the ones in denim, houndstooth and everyone’s fave of late, the Toile de Jouy pattern. As for the camouflage version which features hand-cut fringed embroidery? That retails for SGD4500 each.

If you’ve always wanted Dior’s Book Tote but have been procrastinating for the longest time, then you might want to take the plunge right now, because prices may be adjusted again in the foreseeable future. In other words, get it now and save yourself the regret, because getting in ahead is always the way to go, especially when it comes to designer handbags like the Book Tote.


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