Dior 30 Montaigne Phone Holder With AirPods Pro Case


It’s not surprising if some of you draw comparisons between Dior’s latest tech accessory and Louis Vuitton’s Louise Phone Holder, considering both luxury houses fall under one big LVMH umbrella. However, Dior’s version comes with a brilliant addition that makes it a strong contender to its predecessor (Louis Vuitton released their version first), the blue #DiorOblique jacquard zippered case that’s perfectly sized to hold the Airpods Pro.

You can now keep both tech devices close together, saving you the worry of losing one or the other. The fashionable case also comes decorated with the 30 Montaigne CD logo, and it can be used to store other tiny items (like spare coins, for example) if you do not own a pair of Airpods. Each phone holder comes with a rubber frame that will fit various sizes, which is a good thing considering Apple’s new iPhone 12 will be launching anytime soon, so you can get this first and still use it when you transition to the latest model.

There’s just one colour, for now, sold together with a black leather strap (also removable) that can be slung around the neck like a lanyard. Priced at SGD900, Dior’s 30 Montaigne Phone Holder With AirPods Pro Case is currently available at all boutiques in Singapore, but they are down to limited pieces. In other words, if you want this nifty two-for-one you better act quick.


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