#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: Your Guide To Everything Louis Vuitton Monogram Reverse


Who would have thought that something as simple as the Monogram Reverse would take decades to launch, but if anything’s left to be said about the print, it would be the fact that it’s extremely popular amongst the hardcore fans of the brand. Some of you might be new to the term Monogram Reverse, so the best description would be picturing it as the exact opposite of Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram Canvas, with the dark brown monogram icons laid over the light brown canvas.

Pieces in the Monogram Reverse family typically come with a mix of Monogram Canvas elements (it could be an extra panel or a decorative pocket) that works well together. If not, it’s paired with the simple black leather trim that looks equally good. Despite its popularity, several pieces are still available from time to time, launched in batches online or at the boutiques in Singapore. In other words, it is not a one-off print, but part of the ongoing collections.

In this montage above, you will be pleased to know that all of them (except for the Palm Springs Mini and Pochette Métis) are currently available for sale. Both bags have garnered long waitlists because of their versatility; the Palm Springs Mini (SGD2920) can be worn as a backpack or a sling bag, while the Pochette Métis (SGD2810) can be carried like a clutch or cross-bodied, but you can always leave your name with the boutiques (or stay tuned to Bagaholicboy’s Telegram) to be informed the moment they are restocked.

As for the rest of the Monogram Reverse family, prices start from SGD300 for the practical Cardholder, before going up to SGD2180 for the miniature Boîte Chapeau Necklace and Essential Trunk (SGD2590), both of which can be used as bag accessories or worn around the neck. Then there are the larger bags such as the Cannes (SGD3550) and Petite Malle (SGD7850), both icons in their own right at the French luxury house. And if you have to shop, make sure you get the icons because that would just mean added longevity for you.


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