Hermès: 5 Things To Know About The Lindy Mini Bag


Walk into any Hermès boutique, and there will be a few holy grails that will never be displayed on the shelves (and even if they are will come marked ‘For Display Only‘). These include bags like the Birkin, the Constance as well as the Kelly. This particular Lindy comes in a close fourth, which is saying lots considering how new she is to the family. Known as the Lindy Mini, it has stolen the hearts of many since it came out but sadly remains a dream for most since bags are few and far in-between. Still patiently waiting for one? Then read on and find out more about the newest unicorn on the block.

01 – It’s the baby of the family, measuring 19.5 cm at its widest and 12.5 cm high, which is significantly smaller than the next size up, the Lindy 26 which stands at 26 cm by 18 cm.

02 – The bag’s silhouette remains the same as its bigger-sized siblings, with a unique shape that will hug the curves of your body. And while it might be small, it is able to pack a whole lot in, partly due to its bulbous shape that’s also way adorable to look at. Need more pockets? You’ll find a patch pocket as well on each side of the bag, great for quick access cards and a packet of tissue (or two).

03 – Currently the only Lindy that can be worn across the body (it come with an elongated leather sling), you can also wear it over the shoulder, as you please.

04 – Due to the soft nature of the bag, you will only find it in leathers like Clemence, Evercolor and Swift. As for the colours, you will be able to find it in classic hues such as Étain, Gold and Noir, and seasonal shades that include Deep Blue and Jaune Ambre, amongst others.

05 – As for the price, they start from SGD9400 for the ones in Clemence leather, going upwards for the ones in Swift, so it really depends on what you are offered if you are even that lucky (or prized as a customer) to being with. Still, there’s really no harm to pop in as and when you can and asked to be put on the waiting list.


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