Celine: Meet The Belt Family Of Bags


For the longest time, Celine’s Belt Bag only came in 3 sizes, starting with the original Mini before it was scaled down to the smaller sizes like the Micro and Nano over the years. Then came June 2020 when the French luxury brand finally unveiled a brand new format, the teeny-tiny Pico which stole the hearts of many, measuring 16 cm wide and 15 cm high (from the base of the bag to the top of the flap). Seasonal colours like Lychee sold out in a flash, but the Pico Belt Bag is still available in Amazone, Black, Grey and Light Taupe, all paired with the beautiful gold-tone hardware.

Some of you might argue that the miniature Pico Belt Bag is the must-have design for the season, while others are firm believers of #biggerisbetter handbags. Thankfully, there’s the Nano Belt Bag (priced from SGD3100) that comes in an almost square-like (the side flaps are technically more decorative than functional) body, measuring 20 cm by 20 cm with a large base of 10 cm that will comfortably hold a day’s worth of essentials. The Micro Belt Bag (priced from SGD3450), on the other hand, is slightly bigger at 24 cm by 20 cm, and you can think of it as a ‘work powerhouse’ that’s perfectly sized to hold your weekly agenda/diary, along with a continental wallet, amongst others.

Because its size can cause some items to get lost within, the Micro Belt Bag is equipped with an outer zipped pocket at the back, giving you a handy compartment for all your ‘quick access’ needs. Both the Nano and Micro sizes come with a removable shoulder strap that’s long enough to be strapped across the body, or you can carry it as-is, via the single structured top handle.

Do not be fooled by its name, because the Mini Belt Bag (priced from SGD3650) is anything but mini. In fact, it’s one of the largest handbags currently available at Celine, measuring 28 cm by 23 cm and good enough as a handy carryall for days when you’re all about travelling straight to the gym after work. This size will hold an 11-inch laptop and iPad, with ample space for your gym workout attire and water bottle as well.

In a myriad of colours and materials that are all up for consideration at the boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya Shopping Centre, you can opt for the classic Black to the delicate Arctic Blue, as well as an evergreen Khaki that the boys can consider as well. There are also pieces in croc-embossed calfskin if you prefer a fun alternative to grained calfskin, making it a well-rounded family that will appeal to all sides of the camp. Whether you love a teeny-tiny size or prefer bigger bags, the Belt Bag has got you covered and you just have to decide which one works best for you.


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