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Remember when Billie Eilish put together a full Gucci outfit while carrying a perfectly round shoulder bag in December last year? Chalking up over 8 million likes, everyone automatically assumed that it was the GG Supreme Ophidia Round Bag which the Grammy award-winner was carrying. However, if you take a closer look, that bag was actually the Kuangmi Gucci-inspired Basketball Bag created by Tomme, an up-and-coming streetwear brand that has gained popularity for its one-of-a-kind basketball bags since 2018.

The bags are all handmade to order, created by Kelly Gunner who fell in love with the idea of reworking actual basketballs by adding zips and straps to fashion it like a cool handbag. You will find them in a variety of designs made from repurposed basketballs from Nike, Wilson, as well as Chinatown Market’s signature Smiley Basketball. Recently, Tomme has also ventured into alternative silhouettes like the Nike American Football Bag, giving the fans even more options to choose from. If you’re wondering about prices, they start from SGD219 for the Mini size, going up to SGD483 for the exclusive Nike x Pigalle Green that comes with a unique acrylic front chain.

Most designs are currently sold out online, but Tomme has just announced that they will be re-releasing the crowd favourite Pink Nike 3.0 Basketball Bag on 24 June 2020, available in the standard basketball size that has a circumference of approximately 55 cm. You can say that Tomme literally knocked the ball out of the park with this one, and you can camp online at their store from 24 June, which currently offers payment modes in SGD and provides shipping directly to Singapore.


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