Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse Reverse Pochette Voyage MM & SLGs


Missed out on the Trio Pochette when it was launched on 16 June? Well, you can still get your hands on several other pieces under the Monogram Eclipse Reverse range, currently available exclusively online at Louis Vuitton. Just like how the Monogram Canvas has its mirror twin (the super popular Monogram Reverse Canvas), the Monogram Eclipse Reverse serves as the fresh new alternative for the fans of the darker-hued canvas.

Instead of having the light grey monogram print on dark grey canvas, the Monogram Eclipse Canvas features the complete opposite. Louis Vuitton’s dark grey monogram is printed on a light grey canvas, giving you a refreshed look that’s no less pleasing to look at. Officially part of the men’s range, you will find it on designs like the Pochette Voyage MM (SGD1360), a versatile pouch that measures 27 cm wide and 21 cm high. You can opt to use it as a toiletries pouch within your larger bags like the Keepall, or carry it like a standard clutch. Each pouch also comes with six additional card slots, so you don’t have to bring an extra cardholder whenever you’re carrying this one out.

If smaller accessories and SLGs are more of your thing, you can consider pieces like the Coin Card Holder (SGD490), the Neo LV Club Bag Charm & Key Holder (SGD550) and the Discovery Compact Wallet (SGD805). The Coin Card Holder comes with four card slots and a zipped compartment, and the bag charm is pretty much self-explanatory, but the compact wallet is the most interesting of the lot. It features two snap fasteners on either end, one for coins and keys, while the other unfolds to form an elongated bill compartment, with three extra slots for your ID, credit and ATM cards perhaps. Always a fan of Monogram Eclipse but looking for something extra special? These Monogram Eclipse Reverse pieces would be the answer.


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