Hermès Garden File 28 Bag


Did you know that the Garden Party comes in a vertical format? No, it isn’t a new design, but one that is truly elusive (or exclusive). Known as the Garden File, it measures 29 cm by 28 cm, a size that is primed to hold all your work documents (and hence the term ‘file’ in place of ‘party’) and is sold together with an accompanying canvas shoulder strap, which you won’t see in most of the regular Garden Party bags of today.  Excellent for days when you prefer carrying your bag over the shoulder or across the body, it also explains its slightly higher-than-normal price.


Interestingly, the Garden File 28 has been spotted in Hermès boutiques islandwide, and priced at SGD3600 for the ones that come in a mix of military canvas and Negonda calfskin leather. That puts it at the same price as the Garden Party 36 in canvas/leather, but when you factor in the removable strap that comes with the Garden File 28, that’s where the bonus bit comes inYou can even use the canvas strap for your other bags like the Bolide and Kelly, dressing them up with the thick canvas strap which is a nice change from the thin leather ones they come with.

Colours come in the standard combinations like Blue Marine/Noir and Noir/Noir, paired with palladium hardware which can be found on the Clou de Selle snap buttons at the sides. Another thing to note? You can choose to wear the bag as is shown above, or snap the buttons down for a different silhouette. This bag will also work for the boys, which also means you can justify it even more by saying you got it to share between the two of you. But who’s kidding, right?


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