Burberry Limited-Edition Mini Orange Pocket Bag


If there are just two words that are guaranteed to get your attention whenever a bag’s up for consideration, it would be limited edition. You love the idea of standing out from the crowd with the rare offering, while others simply love collecting them all in different colours, just because. In Burberry’s case, the British luxury house has recently unveiled a new combination of its fashionable Pocket Bag, this time coming in beige cotton canvas contrasted with a pop of bright orange leather. While it comes in the same size and silhouette as its counterparts, this particular Mini Pocket Bag is tagged limited-edition, which also means that once it is sold out, it is gone forever.

Function-wise, the 26.5 cm by 23 cm Mini Pocket Bag is reasonably sized for a day’s worth of essentials. It can also be carried via the reinforced leather top handles or slung by way of the detachable shoulder strap, scoring extra points in terms of versatility. Each bag comes with an external pocket right in front (hence the name, Pocket Bag), one that unsnaps to reveal a spacious compartment that’s great for your quick access needs. All in all, it’s a pretty and functional piece, plus the fact that this orange one costs the same as classics like Black and Brown means it’s worth that second or third look.

You can place your order at Burberry Singapore’s online store, and expect to receive it within 3 to 7 working days if you do not see yourself heading to the malls anytime soon. Priced at SGD1750 each, it’s chirpy, it’s functional and it won’t break your pocket. What’s not to love, right?


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