Louis Vuitton: Meet The Petite Malle (Again)


Because there is still much to know (and love) regarding Louis Vuitton’s signature bags, today’s focus will be about the other much-loved PM. No, not the Pochétte Metis (you can read about that here instead), but the now iconic Petite Malle introduced back in 2014 by Nicolas Ghesquière. Some of you might call it a handbag while others refer to it as a mini trunk, but the truth is, both are factually right.

And here’s why.



The Petite Malle is modelled after Louis Vuitton’s signature hard-sided luggage, and if you do a French translation of the words, it literally means ‘small trunk’. Another important fact unknown to many? The entire piece is actually built around a wooden box, before elements like the crisscross pattern (also known as the malletage) is fitted on the interior, followed by the reinforcement of leather around the edges, secured using Louis Vuitton’s signature lozinage technique. The finishing touch would be the S-lock clasp sitting right in front, one that’s nestled between hardware elements meant to mimic trunk latches that are purely decorative.

That said, the Petite Malle is also a handbag, coming in at 20 cm by 12.5 cm (yes, it is now a tad larger too) that will fit most essentials. Each bag comes with an accompanying strap that allows you to sling it however you please, with drop lengths ranging between 51 cm and 56 cm that you can adjust along the way. Otherwise, you can remove the strap and use it like a clutch, a solid piece that’s guaranteed to withstand the test of time.


While you might spot at least 19 different variations on Louis Vuitton’s online store right now, only 9 designs are available for purchase. These include pieces like Damier Ebene, Epi Leather and Monogram Canvas paired with the ‘3 cross’ detailing that was done for a wealthy client of Louis Vuitton in the early 1900s, as well as seasonal prints like Monogram LV Pop in Blue. The hot favourite Monogram Reverse Canvas can be found online as well, a true unicorn that’s a rarity at Louis Vuitton today. Priced from SGD7250, you can view the Petite Malle collection by hitting this link, where you’ll spend hours just admiring these hard-sided beauties.


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