Hermès Kelly Compact Wallet


No, this isn’t the first time you are reading about the Kelly Compact Wallet from French luxury house Hermès. And it won’t be the last either, given all the new desirable colours it will keep coming in, with today’s look focusing on the trio now available on their local online site, in Deep Blue, Feu and Noir.

For starters though, calling it a wallet, however ‘compact’, isn’t exactly accurate. It is more like your super souped-up card case, with the front flap and that iconic clasp being the literal icing on the cake. The insides are narrow at best, and you’ll be able to fit at most 2 or 3 cards with a tiny tiny tiny wad of cash before it starts bulging, which isn’t a pretty sight no matter what anyone says.

Still, they are a sight for sore eyes, especially when they are in Epsom for the first two/Madame calfskin for the one in Deep Blue that looks absolutely divine when paired with gold-tone hardware. Priced at SGD2100 each (no, it doesn’t seem like they have increased prices just yet), you can hit this link and buy them online. Are they truly functional? No, not really. Are they pretty? Yes, yes, yes. And it is up to you to decide whether form wins over function, or vice-versa.


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