Dior Saddle Nano Pouch


Just when you thought the #DiorSaddle could not get any smaller, Dior pulled out all the stops with its latest Saddle Nano Pouch, officially taking the crown as the tiniest Saddle interpretation yet. Measuring just 12.5 cm by 8 cm, this teeny-tiny number is cute as a button, opening to a single compartment that will fit a couple of business and credit cards, along with cash and coins, perfect for the quick trip to the grocery store or the nearby mama-shop around the block. That said, the Saddle Nano Pouch is a truly versatile piece, and here are several reasons why.

On days when you feel like using it as a cardholder/mini wallet, just remove the chain and keep it within your bigger bags like the Mini Book Tote or the Saddle Bag, for example. The Saddle Nano Pouch also comes with two leather loops at the back, so you can fasten it onto your favourite belt and wear it as a mini belt bag, making for a fashionable alternative that’s all the rage these days. The third option? Use it like it was originally meant to be, by way of slinging the chain strap across the body, making for a chic crossbody that will keep your hands free while on the go.


The good news? Singapore is carrying the Saddle Nano Pouch in two versions. There’s the #DiorOblique in Blue (SGD970) paired with a gold chain and the ones in Ultra-Matte Calfskin (SGD1050) that’s offered in 3 colours with a tone-on-tone chain strap and ‘D’ ring. In Black, Gray Stone and Rose des Vents, you can text your go-to SA right now or phone Dior Singapore at 1800-4159-990, and the representative will be able to link you up with the local boutiques directly.


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