Coperni Swipe Bag


This is definitely an interesting one. Founded in 2013 by Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, the design duo took a break from their own label after being appointed to Courrèges before relaunching Coperni in 2018. And their signature bag that you’re seeing all over IG now is the Swipe Bag, one that they say is directly inspired by the swipe button you see on Apple’s iPhone. Which certainly explains a lot, from the distinct oval shape to the huge cut-out in the middle that makes up the handle portion of the bag.


And then there are zips that go around the interior portion of the handle, also the only way to get anything in (and out) of this structural beauty. Sporting a slim profile, the question is this. How do you get stuff in (and out) without snagging your hand (or fingers) on the zip, given how stiff it all looks? Also, given how slim a profile it has, you are definitely limited by the type (and amount) of stuff you can put in. Huge iPhone11ProMax? No problem. Huge iPhone11ProMax that comes with your chonky rubber Hello Kitty case? Sorry, that’s a no-no.

Priced from USD404 and up via NET-A-PORTER, this isn’t to say it’s not a good bag, but perhaps one that’s more a statement piece instead of being a functional workhorse that most require when it comes to buying a new bag. Especially when it comes in so many different drool-worthy colours, finishes and shapes (sizes).


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