Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Nano Speedy


Here’s a little trivia about the Speedy, before delving into that elusive teeny-tiny Nano Speedy size that’s also the subject of today’s post. Before the Speedy, there was the Keepall, a travel bag created back in 1930 that was meant to be folded and kept in your suitcases (or known as ‘trunks’ in the day), taken out only when you needed an extra piece for all those last minute buys. While the Keepall was known as the perfect travel bag, the ladies who love its distinct shape wanted a similar version for the everyday.

And as it happens, the Speedy was born, essentially a miniaturised version of the Keepall that retained its lightweight qualities, coming in a practical size that was also cute to boot. Initially, the bag was named Express after the boom of France’s mode of transportation back in the day, but it was subsequently updated and renamed Speedy, which you all have come to know and love today.

Some of you own one, while others have two or three in multiple sizes and versions, with or without the Bandoulière strap. Some ladies swear by the Monogram Canvas only, while a number of you are fans of the ones in Damier Azur and Damier Ebene. Nevertheless, the Speedy remains a house icon till this very day, with the Nano Speedy taking the crown as the most popular size in the entire Speedy family.

Measuring 16 cm by 12.5 cm, you will be surprised what this miniature baby can fit, considering it comes in a barrel-like shape that’s great for storing loads within. Your antibacterial wipes and hand sanitisers? Not a problem. Cardholder and mini wallet? No issues as well. A portable charger and AirPods? Go ahead. There’s even space for beauty essentials like a lip balm compact powder if you like. Zip the bag shut, and you’ve got yourself a chic mini that can be carried over the shoulder or across the body.

Each Nano Speedy (SGD1560) is sold together with a shoulder strap, coming in a drop length of 55 cm that will work well for most. The only downside? Unlike its Speedy Bandoulière counterparts, this strap cannot be removed, which means that you have to keep it on at all times. But that shouldn’t be an issue, considering most of you love carrying your bags hands-free all the time, and it’s not stopping the fans from snapping up the Nano Speedy each time it’s made available in the boutiques.


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