#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: 8 Bag Straps To Give New Life To Your Existing Bags


With so many of you home at the moment, there is no better time than now to go into your bag collection and give them a good airing/cleaning. And while you’re at it, perhaps it is time to take a good look at the treasures you already have and ask yourself why you didn’t use it more often. Is it completely out of style (ok, time to sell it perhaps?), does it not suit your function anymore (yes, another one to possibly sell away), or does it look a little drab/tired after all these years?

Well, for those who nodded at the third possibility, here’s a quick idea. Why not get the bag a new strap, which besides adding functionality if your existing piece doesn’t come with one, also gives it a completely new look. What’s more, a strap often costs way less than a new bag, so in a way, you’ll be saving money too, right?

Let’s start with Dior. The Christian Dior Embroidered Strap (SGD1500) has been a go-to favourite, coming in a thick canvas embroidered with the Christian Dior signature on both sides. The newer colours include Gray and Pink, both of which are lovely designs that can be paired easily with bags like the Lady D-Lite or the #DiorSaddle for added flair. Fendi’s latest Strap You (priced from SGD1250) is all about ‘bigger is always better’, coming in an oversized shape with options coming like the signature FF monogram in enough colours to make the rainbow blush.


Hermès’ Amazone strap has been a popular option for quite some time now, but the brand has also been introducing new designs season after season, such as the Sangle Cavale (SGD1500) in Écru/Beige/Gold and Multicolore/Noir, both of which will dress the bag with a fancy pop of colour like no other. Do a search of Bandoulière on Louis Vuitton’s online store, and you will find an entire selection of designs for your perusal. Several designs which you can consider include the Bandoulière (SGD700) in Monogram and Bandoulière XL (SGD805) in Monogram Reverse, designs that can be worn on either side to show off the coloured leather or Louis Vuitton’s signature motif.

Note that Hermès and Louis Vuitton’s straps can be purchased at their respective online stores, both of which are currently offering complimentary delivery right to your doorstep. As for Dior and Fendi, measures are now in place for home deliveries as well, and you should call their respective hotlines to arrange for one if you prefer.


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