Moynat: 5 Things To Know About The Réjane


There are several bags which you can consider classics at Moynat, from the trapezoid-shaped Gabrielle to the petite cuboid known as Mini Vanity, but nothing comes quite as close as the Réjane, a lovely handbag that has its roots dating back to 1903. The bag is undeniably chic, armed with an elegant top handle and furnished with the Art-Deco inspired clasp, and comes in a number of sizes (refer to point 4) that will cater to most any woman. That said, some of you might only know the bag by sight and name, but there’s much else to be said about the Réjane, all of which are summarised in 5 points below.

01 – It’s officially known as the first handbag designed by Pauline Moynat, coming in a size and silhouette that was smaller (and daintier) than the leather bags created back in the early 1900s. Named after the actress Gabrielle Réjane, the Réjane you’ve come to know and love was revived in recent years by the current Artistic Director Ramesh Nair, featuring clean delicate curves modelled after the brand’s historic trunks.

02 – Till this day, it takes a skilled artisan at least 20 hours to construct the bag, from the hand-painting (and polishing) of the leather edges to the sculpting of the leather top handle, before the bag is stitched and finished with shiny hardware elements (the clasp and protective feet) all around.

03 – You will find the Réjane offered in several materials like the familiar Taurillon Blush (grained leather that’s resistant to scratches) and glossy Box leather, going up to exotic variations like crocodile that’s priced higher than its calf leather counterparts. Moynat always makes it a point to keep things fresh and exciting for you, such as making the Réjane available in bi-coloured or tri-coloured combinations from time to time. For Spring-Summer 2020, you can find it in Chilli/Peach/Powder, as well as Desert Rose/Polar/Prussian Blue, both of which are paired with gold-tone metallic hardware.

04 – There are currently 3 sizes available, starting with the Rejané BB that measures 20 cm by 15 cm, before going up to the relatively new Rejané 23 that’s wider and taller at 23 cm by 16.5 cm. There’s no longer an MM for now, so the biggest size will have to be the Réjane PM that stands at 26 cm by 18.5 cm.

05 – For ladies who prefer something larger, you can turn to the Réjane Saddle, a city messenger (sans top handle) that retains all the elements of the iconic Réjane. It’s significantly bigger at 29 cm by 27 cm, and even perfect for the lads who love a crossbody bag. It’s also worth mentioning that the Réjane family includes different silhouettes like the Réjane Opéra (clutch bag) and Réjane Evening (adjustable chain sling), as well as the stunning Réjane Echo which features sharp bevelled corners.


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