Hermès 24 MM Reversible Belt


Call it sheer coincidence or the beginning of a whole new ‘H’ era, because the year that the French luxury brand unveiled its beloved Constance was also the same time it introduced the wide H-shaped 5382 buckle. The former was a bag created for ladies, armed with an architectural H clasp that came with a spring-loaded mechanism, while the latter was fashioned as a cool belt buckle made for men. For those who love a little Hermès trivia, 5382 was actually the number on the drawer which the buckle was stored in, and one that remains a popular option for both men and women till this very day. The Constance was also fashioned as a belt buckle over the years, one that was slightly thicker than the 5382 and modelled after the clasp found on the emblematic bag.

Both designs have unofficially been named the buckle in layman terms, but it’s worth mentioning that Hermès has a great selection of buckles which you can choose from today. All of them have a little bit of history rather than being just a new design, and you can swap the buckles around with your leather belt so you can get a different look depending on your mood. This post focuses on the 24 mm Reversible Belt which comes in bi-coloured leather options like Étoupe/Blanc, Noir/Gold and Navy/Bleu Brume, with the accompanying buckles (shared below) choices which you can select at the boutiques or play around with over on Hermès’ online store.

First up, the Bouton Bombe which is a shiny medallion of sorts, shaped after the iconic Clou de Selle and etched with the words Hermès Paris. Next, the Caleche is essentially Hermès’ horse carriage logo, coming in an oversized shape that’s one for the lovers of a statement-making design. Then, there’s the Gamma, which takes after elements from the equestrian world and is reminiscent of the snaffle bit if you look close enough. Moving on to the Mini Medor which immediately brings to mind the Collier de Chien, a circular ring fixed with the iconic stud right at the side. As for Medor H, just picture a giant Medor stud that’s cut out at the top and bottom, so it looks like an H from the front.

Prices start from SGD1070 for both the leather belt and Mini Medor buckle, going up to SGD1320 if you choose the bigger and more complicated buckles like the Caleche, for example. You can view the possible combinations by hitting the link here, so have fun while you’re working from home, and no harm doing a little retail therapy in the process because all purchases will get shipped directly to your doorstep in Singapore.


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