Chanel WFJ: Presenting The New Coco Crush Mini


First created in 2015, Chanel’s beloved Coco Crush collection would be familiar to most of you, a contemporary collection created to celebrate the matelassé pattern that’s till today one of the most recognisable signatures of the French luxury house. Featuring alternate ‘criss-cross’ incisions along the ‘gadroons’ (a decorative motif consisting of convex curves in a series), it looks exactly like the quilted motif, a Chanel emblem since 1955 when the iconic 2.55 bag was created.

Today, the range welcomes an ‘all-new size’ for the popular Coco Crush ring, the one known as the Mini that’s officially the slimmest (or thinnest) of the lot, joining the Small and Large which were part of the original line-up introduced back in April 2015. For the longest time the Mini was only available in Japan (and hence the ‘ ‘), where it was much sought-after at Chanel as a wedding band, but it is only now that Singapore (and the rest of the world) has launched it.


A ring that can be worn individually for a minimalistic look (wedding band vibes for sure), you can also opt to get a few and stack them up, whether they are all the same size (or even the larger sizes) won’t matter. All hand-polished to give a brilliant shine under light, the bands come in 18K yellow gold (SGD1800), 18K beige gold (SGD1900) and 18K white gold (SGD1950), all of which are priced differently.

Perfect for her (and for him), the full collection is now available at Chanel’s Watches & Fine Jewellery boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre, as well as their main boutiques at Marina Bay Sands and TSC. And if you love the size but want more ‘shine’, do check out the ones that come with extra diamonds that go around the middle with prices starting from SGD4600. Got a crush? Then it’s time to take it a step further and fall deeply in love.


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