Chanel S/S20 SLGs With ‘Beads’


They’re small, they’re super cute, and for Spring-Summer 2020, some of Chanel’s bags and SLGs (a selection of which are shown above), will come with a curious bead as well. Why? Well, it is probably the first time that Chanel has included these on their wares, one that allows the user to adjust the length of the sling.

If you already own a Chanel bag (or 3), you would know that the French luxury house’s slings are notoriously stubborn when it comes to length. There’s just one fixed length (and it is usually long), which might not work for everyone (especially petite Asians who don’t want the bag or SLG hanging below their butts). Which is a good thing that the ‘pearl nobs’ are now a feature on some bags and SLGs, allowing one to adjust it as long (or as short) as one needs.

With that said, it is also useful to note that all pieces that come with the nobs will cost slightly more than the regular ones that come without, but it’s a small price to pay for added versatility. So much how for the trio above? Well, the Small Classic Box With Chain (top) will retail for SGD2770, while the half moon rounded Waist Bag (middle) costs SGD2680. Last, but not least, the iconic WOC that comes with enough patch pockets and slots to keep most hoarders satisfied is priced at SGD4280.

All 3 SLGs, along with a select number of bags that come with the nob are set to be released from 15 March 2020 in Singapore, so mark the date and head down early next week.


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