Update: Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires


For those of you who already scored one, this post isn’t for you, so just carry on and hit this link for other Louis Vuitton updates. If this is the first time you are seeing it, are really intrigued by this and/or haven’t gotten yours yet, read on.


Yes, this is the wildly popular Multi Pochette Accessoires from Louis Vuitton that was launched late last year. And it is also pretty clear why it did so well. For SGD2260, you are basically paying for a 5-piece set that comprises 3 bags (2 zip pouches and a round coin purse) and 2 slings, one thick canvas one and another that comes in metallic gold.

Besides wearing it the way it’s shown, one could also break up the set to wear it separately. Thick strap with larger pouch. Metallic sling with small pouch. And so on. You could even use parts of it on other LV bags. Always wanted a thick strap for your Speedy Bandoulière? Or maybe an additional coin purse on your Alma? Well, why not?


One more thing. If you ever get bored of your current straps, LV has two more options for sale that are priced at SGD680 each (strap only). One’s Bleu, the other Kaki. And both just give you more options to extend your bag range even further by mixing it up.

Finally, back to the bag proper. If you haven’t yet been able to secure one, here’s what you should do. Head down to any LV boutique, make nice with the CA and see if you can get yourself on the wait list. More bags will be released in Singapore, it is just a matter of when. Or you could just hit this link and pray it is back in stock online, or ‘Add to Wishlist’ and be informed the moment it is. And in comes in Khaki or Rose Clair – what’s your pick? And good luck.


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