Hermès Nano Scarf 20


Hermès continues to introduce all-new scarves to give the fans fresh and exciting options to look out for. And even though they are scarves, there’s no denying their versatility with their use going beyond the conventional. The Twilly, for example, can go entirely around the handle of your favourite bag to protect it from wear and tear, or wrapped around one’s head like a chic hairband.

And when you thought the scarves could not get any smaller than the 32 cm by 27 cm Heart-Shaped Pocket Square which was covered in January 2020, Hermès now has the Nano Scarf 20, a miniaturised version of its signature silk square scarf.


Some of you might call it a handkerchief because it measures just 20 cm by 20 cm, and it could very well be the most precious one you will ever come across, crafted in high-quality silk and finished with the brand’s signature hand-rolled edges. Don’t be fooled by its size though, because the Nano Scarf 20 can be worn in numerous ways. Pocket square? Wrapped around your finger or wrist like a ring and bracelet? Tie a cute bow and use it like a bag charm? Or even wrapped around your belt loop for an added pop of colour.

Priced at just SGD150, it comes in two of Hermès’ signature prints for now, the Brides de Gala and Zebra Pegasus, in several colours like Orange Vif and Rouge for you to consider from.  You just need to check them out at your local Hermès boutique, or hit this link to shop them online.


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