Hermès Collier de Chien & Evelyne Cuff Bracelets


There are plenty of goodies to keep a lookout for in Hermès’ Spring-Summer 2020 collection, several of which have already landed across the boutiques or popped up online in recent months. Remember the Jumbo Bracelet and the Heart-Shaped Pocket Square? Well, both of them are part of the same collection and are down to limited quantities and sizes, or have already sold out for now. Others like the Cuff Bracelet pictured above have yet to arrive, but there’s honestly no harm making a trip down to the boutiques to indicate your interest first.

The cuffs will be available in numerous colours for you to choose from, coming in brushed aluminium which translates to a lower price point when you compare them to the similar versions in gold or sterling silver. The Collier de Chien Cuff is furnished with 4 Medor studs and a movable ring in the middle, while the Evelyne Cuff is identified by the house’s perforated H, a detailing that’s similar to the ones found on the bag of the very same name.

You can look forward to exciting colours such as Jaune Soleil (yellow), Noir Intense (black), Orange Tropique and Rouge H (the classic Hermès red), all of which are deep, intense hues that are created using a special technique at the French luxury brand. Each cuff is lightweight in nature and will sit nicely on your wrist, and no one’s stopping you if you love to stack one atop the other. The Collier de Chien Cuff and Evelyne Cuff are priced at SGD1050 and SGD680 respectively and will be made available in sizes ranging from T1 to T3.


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