Hermès Clic Anneau Bracelet


For years, bracelets in the Clic family were identified by the single H which functioned as the logo and opening mechanism, but that pretty much changed in December 2019 when Hermès finally started to offer all-new designs that come under the Clic family. To be classified as such, the bracelet needs to have an enamelled centre, which often comes in numerous colours for you to choose from. The coloured enamel is paired with one of 3 hardware options, Gold, Palladium or Rose Gold, known as GHW, PHW and RGHW respectively. The men’s version is pretty much the same, except it comes in a sans serif font known as HH, and is furnished with matte enamel and brushed plated hardware for an alternative look.

Now, aside from the Clic Cadenas Bracelet which you can read about here last year, Hermès has also created the all-new Clic Anneau Bracelet which is now available at boutiques islandwide, as well as online at Hermès. It comes with a simple ring detailing, an iconic code of the house found in signature bracelets like the Collier de Chien and Rivale, for example. To wear the Clic Anneau Bracelet, give it a push anti-clockwise (yes, it’s the same as the Clic H) and it will open like a cuff to be worn comfortably on your wrist.

Size-wise, there are two, the PM and GM which measure 16.8 cm and 18 cm respectively, sizes that will even fit some of you lucky lads. Priced at SGD950 each, the colours offered will change from time to time, but you can use trio (Marron Glacé, Noir and Rose Dragée) above as a general guide to what you can expect to find in stores right now.


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