Rimowa: #iPhone11, #iPhone11Pro & #iPhone11ProMax Cases Launching Soon!


Ladies and gentlemen, you’re looking at the official images of the upcoming Iridescent Groove phone cases which Rimowa has created specially for the new #iPhone11 series. And while Apple’s latest phone models come in the same size (height and width) as their predecessors like the XS and XS Max, the key difference would have to be the camera opening, which now features a rounded square in place of the familiar oval shape.

That also means that you will have to change your phone case if you switched over to the #iPhone11, and you can consider 3 different versions from Rimowa that will be released real soon. Aside from the Iridescent Groove (constructed from polycarbonate and shockproof TPU) version pictured above, there will also be pieces that come in the coveted Aluminium Groove and Black Leather for the #iPhone11, #iPhone11Pro and #iPhone11ProMax.

Price-wise, they start from SGD125 for the Iridescent Groove (essentially a clear, slightly shimmery plastic with those iconic grooves and logo) and go up to SGD161 for both the Aluminium Groove and Black Leather.

And if you want to secure a piece but remain undecided on the material, you can head over to any Rimowa boutique in Singapore, because all 3 designs are currently available for sizes like the #iPhoneXS and #iPhoneXSMax, which is great if you need something to benchmark it with. And while you’re at it, you can leave your name and be informed the moment the bigger (and newer) #iPhone11 cases land in stores, because judging by the popularity of these pieces, they won’t be sitting on the shelves for long…


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