Prada Emblème Saffiano Leather Bag


An emblem (according to is defined as ‘an object that identifies or represents something’, and you can understand why Prada named its latest wonder as such, because the Emblème Bag truly embodies several codes of the Italy luxury house to pure perfection. Here’s why.

It’s constructed from a durable material that Prada is famed for, Saffiano leather. Not only does that make the bag a solid piece that will be able to withstand the test of time (daily wear, resistant to scratches and the like), it still manages to stay relatively lightweight, which makes it a great piece you can take along easily with you for the day-to-day.


Next, the Emblème Bag comes furnished with a gold-tone buckle that’s unmistakable from afar. It opens with a simple push, unlocking to a roomy interior that’s decorated with Prada’s signature logo nylon lining, furnished with an additional zipped pocket that’s great for keeping cards, cash and even keys. Another piece of good news? Each bag comes with an expandable ‘secret’ compartment tucked within that’s great for days when you need that extra space to store a tad bit more essentials. Now, if your eagle eye spotted 7 ‘punctured’ holes on the shoulder strap, that simply translates to the fact that it can be adjusted up to 7 lengths to accommodate different heights, with options of keeping the bag long over the shoulder or strapped across the body for a different look.

While the Emblème Bag comes in just a single size (20.5 cm by 14 cm) for now, it’s offered in a whopping 7 different colours, so there’s definitely something for everyone. That includes classic shades of Black and White, to the brighter hues like Fiery Red and Powder Pink. Don’t forget Billiard Green and Marble Gray, which are options the boys can consider as well. Priced at SGD3270 each, the bag is now available across all Prada boutiques in Singapore, over at ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands and Paragon Shopping Centre.


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